Some people leave their homes to take trips all over the globe. And there are many different reasons why. In some cases, the reasons for their trips can range from pursuing advanced work opportunities to exploring the culture and foods from far away places. Though the reasons for travelling are varied, some areas can lead to life changes and experiences that people never forget. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to visit to expand your knowledge and cultural experiences, you may want to plan a trip to The Act Arts Centre in Maple Ridge, BC.

Here are 3 reasons you should plan a trip to this Act Arts Center with your family and friends. 

1. Live Stage Performances

One of the most common reasons for visiting this art centre is the opportunity to see engaging live performances using various artistic expressions. For instance, if your family enjoys going to the theatre to see plays from both new and seasoned performers, you should check out their season’s line-up before you go. The weekend is a great time to plan a trip since Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night may feature plays and concerts like “The Nutcracker – Ballet Victoria” and the Bergmann Piano Duo with Clarinetists James Campbell and more.

2. Seasonal Performance to Enhance Your Holidays

Holidays are an excellent time for people to travel to places like The Acts Arts Center in maple ridge British Columbia. To get the best home seats, however, you may want to start early before all the seats are booked. For instance, if you like going to matinees during the winter and Christmas season, you’ll have an opportunity to be entertained by musical performances like Christmas With the Bach Choir and the Winter Harp (both performances are a part of the Holiday Series). All the details for these performances are listed on the Act Arts center site with the details of each performance (i.e. date, time, ticket prices, and fees).

3. Free Art Exhibitions – Open to the Public in Maple Ridge, BC

In addition to attending various seasonal performances during the winter, your art lovers will enjoy this center’s art exhibitions. Regardless of the theme, art exhibitions feature a directory of local artists. You will also have an opportunity to see the work of emerging and established artists and curators on display, too. From contemporary monoprinting to beautiful artistic sculptures, found and emerging artists alike can help explore and display society’s norms and flaws.


If you want to provide your family with a wide range of cultural experiences in one centralized place, add The Act Arts Centre in Maple Ridge, BC, to your list of places to visit. There are more than enough activities to participate in. From attending free exhibits when they are open to the public to taking the family to see seasonal performances during the winter, you can choose activities you and your family can enjoy.

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