Making plans is a big part of going on a trip with your family. From scheduling your rooms at a 5-star hotel to finding the best restaurants in the city for meal time, the excitement and anticipation can be a lot of fun. Therefore, planning your next trip, you may consider touring the Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge. You may travel with your family or a few close friends to Golden Ears Provincial Park based on your personal preferences. Either way, there is more than enough to do when you arrive at Maple Ridge, BC.

It is also important to note that Golden Ears Provincial Park is located in  British Columbia, Canada. The size of this park is about 555. square kilometres, about 344 miles of premium space everyone can roam around. It is one of the largest parks in the province.

So let’s start by reviewing a little information about this park, particularly the activities you can do when you arrive.

With so many different activities available to pick and choose from, you should do your homework first. This is especially true if you have a large family or friends with diverse interests. For instance, if you spend a few days or more in maple ridge., here are three great activities you may want to add to your travel itinerary.

1. Canoeing, Pedal Boating and Kayaking

For those who love participating in activities on the water, join in with everybody else. Pedal boating, canoeing, and kayaking are some of the top activities that people highly recommend when they visit Alouette (South Beach).   From May to late June, you should make arrangements early for any rentals you may need. When the weather permits, you and your family can have loads of fun on the water with others.

2. Camping and Hiking

If you like camping and hiking in the mountains, you will find that Golden Ears Park may be the ideal place for you. The accessibility of 2 mountains and official trails marked to reach their peak is an experience of a lifetime.

However, before you attempt to take on this monumental adventure, you will need at least intermediate climbing skills. It is a long strenuous hike that takes approximately 9 to 10 hours on average (i.e. return trip). It would help if you also were equipped to encounter various types of weather, including snow in June.

3. Cycling

Cycling around the park is also an everyday activity that many tourists and locals alike do. There are long stretches of bicycle-friendly roads; all you have to do is keep to roadways and marked trails. There are over 12 miles (20 kilos) of biking trails in the park that you will have access to. Just make sure to bring your bicycle helmet.   Helmets are not a luxury item but mandatory in British Columbia.


To plan a trip you will never forget, you should consider the benefits of visiting Golden Ears Provincial Park. From cycling ar and the park with family and friends to hiking up and down the mountain in the snow, this park is a lifetime venture for tourists all over the globe.

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